Meet Dani

Age: 21

Height: 5’4

Dress size: 8

Shoe size: 4

Eye colour: Green

Hair colour/length: Dark Brunette, medium length

Skin tone: Fair

Own makeup level: Moderate

Typical styles: Vintage, bridal, fashion Styles I’m looking to develop: High fashion, makeup modelling,


Hourly rate: £20/hour Half day rate 4h: £75 Full day rate: £150

Hello! I'm Dani Ella, and I have been modelling part time for over two years now. I have been published online three times, and aim to keep pushing for more. I have naturally dark brunette hair, green eyes, and fair skin. I do not have any tattoos, and currently my only piercings are my ear lobes. I can do my own hair and makeup to an average standard and tend to do so in a 1960’s to 1980’s style on a day to day basis, but I do prefer to work with an MUA or HMUA when shooting. I've taken part in various photo shoots over the past few years, from 'street style' themes to alternative subculture bridal, numerous studio shoots, shoots for vintage boutiques, various styled bridal workshops, a styled elopement, an engagement shoot, and various boutiques in Manchester and Liverpool. I’m always open to discussing creative ideas and working with new brands/companies. I currently live in Wigan, local to DK Studios.

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