Level: Beginner - Novice

Duration: 3 Hours


Modern DSLR cameras really pack in an amazing amount of features that professionals use daily to create stunning images. 


If you find yourself using Auto or Semi Auto Modes when taking your shots, come and see us at DK Studios where we will unlock the true power of your camera so you can start to create amazing images for yourself!

To book your date, first complete your order and then contact us to arrange a time slot. Any questions please contact us info@dkstudioswigan.co.uk


Why not learn with a friend: Max booking, 2 people.


Extra: We can offer you an additional hour to learn how to process and edit your images using Photoshop, Lightroom or Capture One for just £20.


Note: Although not essential, you are welcome to book a DK model to shoot with on the day for just £20. You are welcome to bring your own model, no experience necessary, maybe a friend or relative etc. They will be very welcome.


Add on: Learn how to edit
  • This is a 1-2-1 session lasting 3 hours. We will start with finding out about you and where your level is. We love to work with absolute beginners as well as strong armatures.


    We will then take you on a journey inside your camera to give you a solid foundation to work from. From there, we will do lots of practical and experimental work to show you the huge differences that can occur when changing certain settings.


    We finish by giving you some ideas of how you can implement these settings in real world situations and advise you how to continue on your journey.


    You will be provided with a support document which will explain everything that has been discussed so you can have a handy reminder with you when you get home.


    Tutorials are available 7 days a week and need to be booked 7 days in advance.

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